nur.’s style exudes fierceness, yet gentleness; confidence, yet humbleness, and that is exactly what designer Nour Najem had always envisioned for her brand. At a mere five years old, she remembers herself experimenting with fabrics, and to this day, her passion for design, color, and fabrics is what awakens her soul. Still, it was not always an effortless journey. At the time of university, Najem began her studies on a more conventional path, pursuing a degree in Pharmacy. However, she quickly observed how differently she felt towards her degree of studies compared to her original craft, couture. It was not easy, but Nour mustered the courage to abandon what did not fulfil her and decided to begin studying fashion design professionally by attending world-renowned fashion institute “Esmod” in Dubai, all while raising her two very young children at the time. Throughout this time, she never lost sight of her priorities, devoting all day to her family, and all night to pursuing her fashion education, working, designing, and creating. Every artistically woven gem, stitched piece of lace, or hemmed straight fitted pant, can be traced back to every difficulty, vulnerability, and moment of tenacity on her inspiring road to success as the fashion innovator she is today.


At nur., our goal is to emphasize the voice within each woman that she is worthy of the best. How? By unwaveringly delivering high quality products at a cost that does not break the bank. We believe that achieving true equality and abundance means accessibility to quality for all.


 Whether it is a way of life or just for the day, we want you to step into our clothes feeling powerful. Our brand goes far beyond fabrics: to all of you young girls and women of all ages, we are here to encourage you to chase after that “crazy” dream of yours. Nour Najem herself is steadfast in her pursuit to share her story through her clothing line with as many people as possible in hopes to inspire girls to continue working hard and to never give up on that dream. After all, she knows from experience where determination amidst obstacles, can lead.

In her first collection inspired by one of Earth’s most majestic creatures, the swan, Najem evokes how women even during times of weakness are incredibly strong. Her “fairytale-esque” black and white looks are a play on an honest reflection of the duality that is inside every woman: fearlessness and a youthful carefree spirit.